The Most Important Things in Life Are:

Stay kind,
no matter how many
people broke your heart.

Stay humble,
no matter how much
you changed for the better.

Stay hopeful,
no matter how many
times you’ve been let down.

© Letters From Alex

My favorite place to vacation
is your bedroom.
It’s such a shame
you never took me there.

© Letters From Alex


is more terrifying
than being
by a ghost
with a beating

© Letters From Alex

We Need More Time

Please don’t die.
Not while
I’m still breathing.
Not while
my heart’s still beating.
We are strangers for now,
but I have hope
that someday
things will go back to
how they used to be,
back to when
things were simpler.
Whether it’s a year
or ten,
I will wait for you
we have so much more
to live for.
So, please stay alive
while I’m still alive.
I will not live my life
to the fullest
until I have lived my life
with you.

© Letters From Alex


I will not love you
till death do us part.
I will love you
till the end of time.

© Letters From Alex

Bad Habits

Bad habits
you never grew
to love
in someone,
will become
bad habits
you’ll grow
to miss
when they’re gone.

© Letters From Alex

Is It Fate?

You are the most
human being
I’ve ever laid eyes on.

How is it possible
to be alive
at the same time
you exist?

© Letters From Alex

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