About Me

Dear reader,

Welcome to my page!
In case some of you may not know me, I’m Alex! 
I’m a twenty-five year old writer and poet trying to find happiness and purpose. 
I live in South Texas and currently attending The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley to pursue a degree in Accounting. 
Aside from my day job and going to college, I love writing, reading, running, and doing CrossFit during my free time.

I’m here to create poetry and share my experiences with the world. 
I’m here to show the nobodies that they’re somebodies. 
I’m here to remind the broken hearted that things will get better. 
I’m here because you’re here. 
Without you, I wouldn’t be doing what I love every day.

I want to be the voice for the unspoken. 
I want to be the tears for the heartbroken.
I want to be the home for the homeless.
I want to be the face of pure happiness. 

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