In the Present

Whoever I’m writing to–

past or future lover,

I wish you were here.


The color of forests
and the color of your eyes.
The color I’m so brave
and so afraid to get lost in.
The only color I love
and hate at the same time.

© Letters From Alex

Hello everyone.

I apologize for the inactivity on my website. I have been really busy with my two jobs and working out and also going to school. I plan on leaving one of my jobs soon and I hope to continue on this aspiration of mine.

Another reason for my absence is because I am unhappy with the way my website is coming about. I realized I don’t want it to just be about my poems. I get daily messages that I inspire people and help others through my words– not just my poetry. So, I am thinking of turning my website into a daily/weekly blog about my life. Talk about things I’ve learned. Frequently asked question I receive and maybe be this advice giver to those in need of it.

I’ve always wanted to do something like this and honestly, it’s why I created my Tumblr blog, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to from the start. Now that I have 23k on Tumblr and 12k (AHHHHHHH) on Instagram, I think I can finally achieve this dream of mine to help others.

So, let’s so what happens. And if any of you have any ideas please feel free to message me or email me your ideas! I’m also considering guides for new runners? writers? skin care? I mean… I do like a lot of things! 😉

See you all soon! Promise!

The only way
I can describe
the way you left
is like,
throwing a ball
for a dog,
just for it
to return to
nobody there.

© Letters From Alex

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