The Most Important Things in Life Are:

Stay kind,
no matter how many
people broke your heart.

Stay humble,
no matter how much
you changed for the better.

Stay hopeful,
no matter how many
times you’ve been let down.


I’m afraid 
to use “he” 
in my poems
I’m not ready
to replace

© Letters From Alex

So Happy I Could Die

I miss your arms wrapped around my body.
I miss your hands running up and down my spine.
I miss your lips pressed against mine.
Please come over and hold me and make me forget about the world.
Please suffocate me and promise me you won’t let go.
I want you to hug me so tight that I can’t even breathe right.
I’m ready to die in your arms, because I’m finally home again.

© Letters From Alex

My favorite place to vacation
is your bedroom.
It’s such a shame
you never took me there.

© Letters From Alex

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